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Rodney Action Figure with a Lemon

While browsing on eBay I saw this Rodney figure with unknown (to me) accessories. He's got John's War and Peace, and a lemon (which is described as 'weaponized') along with his regular gear. I've followed McKay action figure listings for the past couple of years (yes, I know that's odd) and I've never seen these little items.

If you bid, DO NOT hint to anyone that these items may be rare. Maybe they're common and I've just never seen them.

I hope someone here gets them. There's a story begging to be told.

This is my first post at Dreamwidth.  I don't really know how to post and size photos.  Sorry if it's too big.

Rodney and lemon

Rodney has a lemon
I took my nine year old granddaughter to see Wonder Woman.

She's very athletic and loves gymnastics, so I think it was fun for her to see all those Amazons jumping and twisting. She also likes horses (although not as much as unicorns and pegasus' and allicorns).

I'm very pleased that we were able to share the movie.

January 20th, 2017

This afternoon I'm going to be joining thousands of people protesting Trump's inauguration.

My plan is to go to the demonstration, but leave before the riot. (I have to kid-sit tonight.)

Last night my nine-year old granddaughter said to me, "tomorrow America is over." I guess she's picking up the gist of the political atmosphere here in Portland.
I'm reading 1Q84 (free online).

This line made me lol, and I felt I should record and share it. Two new friends, women, have had dinner together and are (so far) spending the night platonically. They are talking about their bodies --

“No, I like your breasts. They’re very elegantly shaped, and they give this intellectual impression.”

and now, back to the book.

Stargate Centerpiece 2012 SGA Side

I don't know if I've ever seen this Fan work.
Now he's thinking of making a 3-D model of the Raza, the ship from JM and PM's latest SF show.


I'm turning 60 years old today

Sixty is a big number.
It's 420 in dog years.
Remember the Rodney/John penguin stories?
warning: Very angry penguin image


Rodney is mad about John touching the Ancient artifacts again.

Dec. 18th, 2015

Why didn't I know Bernie Sanders' campaign manager was a comic book collector and shop owner?
The White House needs more geeks.

Mother Jones July 16, 2015
Meet the Comic Book King Running Bernie Sanders' Campaign

The article says Mark Ruffalo ♡ donated to the Sanders campaign.

This song is done by a prolific writer who writes sort of stream-of-consciousness about a wide range of things. This one is about my (rl) son and a documentary he was in, and helped create. A brag... and goofy... and only 1.48 minutes.