rissabby (rissabby) wrote,

Rodney Action Figure with a Lemon

While browsing on eBay I saw this Rodney figure with unknown (to me) accessories. He's got John's War and Peace, and a lemon (which is described as 'weaponized') along with his regular gear. I've followed McKay action figure listings for the past couple of years (yes, I know that's odd) and I've never seen these little items.

If you bid, DO NOT hint to anyone that these items may be rare. Maybe they're common and I've just never seen them.

I hope someone here gets them. There's a story begging to be told.

This is my first post at Dreamwidth.  I don't really know how to post and size photos.  Sorry if it's too big.

Rodney and lemon

Rodney has a lemon
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