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Science is magic that works

My sister recently gave a talk about fabric decoys in WWII and continuing onto recent developments such as this:

... in Japan a fantastic stealth cape was developed at
a university. The cape is a fabric composed of photosensitive
glass beads. Somehow it connects to a computer and projects
on the front of the cape, the image from the back of the cape.
It looks like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. Very cool.
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Agent Carter Style

I enjoyed this article about 1940's dressing. It has some interesting facts about the whats and whys of fashion -- fabric shortages in WWII were reflected by men's pants cuffs and pocket flaps disappearing -- along with some specific analysis of Agent-Carter-style itself, and how it might play out in the future. There are a couple nice pics too.

A guide to the amazing 1940s fashion in 'Agent Carter' (from a Daily Dot article)

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SGA re-watch

Stargate writer/producer Joe Mallozzi is doing an SGA re-watch at his blog.

I'm going to try hard to participate.
A year or two ago he posted a bit of commentary on each episode. I hope one of his more dedicated blog readers will re-post that as we go along.


From his blog:

NEXT UP: Stargate Atlantis! Who wants to take part in the official re-watch?!

We’ll kick things off, viewing an episode a day starting Friday, January 31st with the series premiere: Rising I. And we’ll continue through the show’s full five season run – provided Akemi remains onboard! Who’s in?!

The reference to Akemi, and the Japanese girlfriend thing, is because she has only recently been willing to watch any of the Stargate series, despite knowing Joe for several years. So, Akemi is really the impetus for the watch-a-long.
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(no subject)

Is it possible that this cable station in South Korea is run by Sherlock/John shipping fans? Tor.com says these are true promos for the second season that ran on cable OCN.

They look like fanvids.

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Texas anti-abortion bill is dead!

Wow. I really didn't expect this. Kudos to Sen. Wendy Davis, Texas dems, and the protesters who refused to give up.

Protesters caused so much noise, commotion, and chaos that Lt. Gov Dewhurst said he was prevented from signing the anti-abortion bill before the midnight deadline passed, effectively killing it.

In a nutshell -- "If signed into law, the measures would have closed almost every abortion clinic in Texas, a state 773 miles wide and 790 miles long with 26 million people. A woman living along the Mexico border or in West Texas would have to drive hundreds of miles to obtain an abortion if the law passed. The law's provision that abortions be performed at surgical centers means only five of Texas' 42 abortion clinics are currently designated to remain in operation."

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Joe Mallozzi live chat

Joe Mallozzi, former SGA and SG-1 writer and showrunner, will be doing a live blog chat tonight, Wednesday, August 15, 9pm Eastern time, 6pm Pacific.

This is the first time Joe has done a live chat. I'm not sure how it's going to work, but last I heard he's going to be spending at least an hour fielding questions. The blog regulars could be asking about dogs, food, his girlfriend, future projects, as well as Stargate related subjects. (He is currently at mid-season 2 in his regular SGA memory lane entries.)

I'll be there as rissreader. Here's a link to Tuesday's blog, just click to advance to the next day. Click on the date and title on the right-side under the dog (Maximus) photo.
edit: Hmm. Maybe I'm not positive about where to click, but this address will give you a start.